Tryouts Reminder – Email #2

Here is your 2 week reminder that tryouts are coming!  Make sure you are working toward being in shape for the season. 

1.  Have you run your mile today?  – Reporting to tryouts in good condition is important!  You have to be able to show the coaching staff your volleyball skill at tryouts but you don’t want to be out of breath (huffing an puffing) because you aren’t conditioned to get through drills.  Take time to run the mile – would recommend you do this 3 times a week so you report to tryouts well conditioned!
2. Core. Core!  Core!! – work those abs and establish a strong core!  Having strong core is crucial to being an elite athlete…especially in volleyball!  I’d recommend 100 crunches, 50 push-ups daily from now until tryouts for the younger players!  For you more experienced athletes… would recommend a 20 minute abdominal/core daily routine!
3. Work on those skills!  – Make time to touch a volleyball once a day!  Play outdoor grass, sand or indoor volleyball.  Get some training, play with friends, get into a tournament!  Whatever you can do to get touches and reps will help get you more prepared!  BTW, PSVBA is holding a 4-day skills camp from August 18-21 for anyone that is interested!  Check out their website for more information
4.  Get your forms completed!  Reminder that you all need to be cleared by the athletic department to be able to participate in tryouts!  That means, you need to have a valid physical, medical form, eligibility form and athletic participation form all turned into the athletic director (Mr. Jerry Peterson).  You can get these forms at the school office whenever they are open.
Tryouts start before the 1st day of school!  So get all this done within the next 2 weeks!   My plan is give you 2 more email reminders to check up on you!  Feel free to pass this along to anyone interested in trying out for Beamer Volleyball!

-Coach Pat