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Beamer Ends Season on Winning Note!

Our talented team came to play Tuesday night against cross-district Federal Way.  Our match was “Senior Night” for the Eagles and I have to give “Kudos” to the trio of Federal Way students that sang the National Anthem “A Cappella” style.  It was excellent!

Our kids played great!  Sophie Miller was obviously pumped to play her last match in a Beamer uniform, she paced the team with 60 assists, which I am sure is a Todd Beamer record for a single match!  Sophie also sealed the win on the last play of the game, with an attack Kill from the right side on Kelsey Milholland’s assist. Both our offense and defense was on track as  we collected 68 kills and 15 aces on the night and passed 2.1 as a team.   Beamer won 3-1, with scores of 25-17, 25-22, 22-25, 25-17.

This was definitely a good way to end our season.  We have been a pretty inconsistent team all season long, but I will say that when we pass well – we are a “very, very” good team!  Nice job Lady Titans – we’ll definitely miss our 5 seniors and wish them the best as they complete the rest of their senior year and prepare for their next step forward!  We look forward to what our talented returning players will do as they take over leading our volleyball program!

Beamer gets much needed win!

Our Beamer volleyball team got back on the winning track against the Christian Faith School Eagles on Friday. After losing a close 5 set match the night before against Bethel, it would have been easy to let our guard down against the cross town small school, who brought many of their fans to celebrate Homecoming in our gym. Although we were noticably tired from the night before our players were still able to outmatch the eagles 25-13, 25-17, 25-19 to win in straight sets. It was a much needed win for our program that has struggled in the very tough South SPSL.

Senior Night!

Last night we honored five incredible young women that have put a lot of time, dedication and committment into the Beamer Volleyball program over the past 4 years! Congratulations Sophie Miller, Chloe Mensching, Tatiana Dixon, Gwen Foisey and Kelsey Milholland!  I can only speak of their last two years in the program but each one of them has tremendously improved their level of skill and have grown in their leadership qualities. I am proud to have coached all five of them these past 2 years and look forward to great things as they continue to prepare for their next step forward in life.

We put forward a great effort in our match against Bethel but fell just short in the end.  Our Seniors played a big part in displaying a “never give up” attitude as we found a way to force Game 4 after being down 0-2 and then found a way to force Game 5.  We found ourselves battling to the very end. Final scores 15-25, 16-25, 25-18, 25-23, 12-15. I am proud of the effort our entire team gave last night! It was definitely an exciting game to be a part of.

Loss to Curtis puts Beamer in a very tough spot!

We started flat (does this sound familiar?) and it was looking like we were going to let the inevitable happen and allow Curtis to serve us off the court and sweep us in the match.  We were down 0-2 going into game 3 and our Seniors decided they wanted to play – we won game 3 and quite frankly played some of our best volleyball of the season.  We had a hard time playing catchup with Curtis in game 4 but did manage to put up a little bit of a fight.  We left Curtis with a 1-3 loss (17-25, 15-25, 25-18, 16-25) knowing that chances of getting to the playoffs are just about done, barring major upsets over the SPSL somehow creating a three way tie for 5th and us sweeping our remaining 3 league matches.  I guess there is a part of me that just says, “Keep Fighting” until you can’t fight anymore!

Lost to Rogers!

We have been a very sporadic team this season. When we play well – boy do we play well! But when we play bad – sometimes it looks really bad. We have yet to find a way to play consistent all match long. We lost to Rogers at home on Monday 16-25, 25-18, 24-26, 22-25. We seem to struggle closing games and ultimately winning matches. Time is running out and any more losses it will start to look pretty bleak to reach our goal to be the first Beamer Volleyball squad to make the playoffs.

Rise Above!

It took me awhile to figure out what to say about our home match against GK. We did almost everything right in our preparation and really felt like we were ready to pull off an upset against a team we have never beaten before in our school’s history. We came very close losing in five sets 2-3 (25-22, 23-25,25-12,15-25,10-15). About the only thing I can say that isn’t positive was that we didn’t win the match. We played exceptional at the net, we passed very well in games 1, 2, 3, and the last half of game 5. We came out strong, we were pretty focused, we had lots of energy, we forced the tempo of the match and many of our players had very good individual contributions to the team, we even found a way to not give up on our team and finished strong after being down big in game 5. So, how did we lose this match? I believe that Coach Buck said it best, we are right there at the point of breaking through – but we have to “RISE ABOVE” even our own expectations if we want to start pulling out these wins. We will prepare the same way this week and try to bring the same energy and focus to our next home match against Rogers… and we are going to take it one point at a time, one game at a time, one match at a time…. and hopefully we will “Rise Above” this next time!

A tough one for sure…

I love coaching because there is always a life lesson that pops up in every match. I watched my team warm-up looking more ready to play than I have ever seen them this season – I was expecting a great match from our players. Instead we got a pretty demonstrative collapse. We started well in game 1, but we never really forced the tempo or established our will to win. We kinda let Spanaway Lake control the match from start to finish. I thought for a minute that we should be leading because we definitely looked like the superior squad judging by our height, offensive might and style, but our play didn’t support that. We never led in game 1 losing 19-25 in a game that we later described as showing little urgency! In game 2, all the energy and spunk we had going into the match was gone. We struggled to start the game and it started looking like we were playing Emerald Ridge all over again. The result a 10-25 thrashing, we just couldn’t pass. In our huddle before game 3, we talked about being urgent about taking it one step at a time, about focusing on trying to get out of the hole we created for ourselves. We started the game with a 4-0 lead and looked as if finally our team was ready to play, we continued to push the tempo and establish the style of the game all the way to a 23-17 lead – then the wheels fell off! We missed our serve and gave up 9 straight points and found ourselves staring at 24-23 match point for Spanaway Lake. We managed to fight back a little and even regained game point but still lost 27-29. There is definitely a life lesson to learn from this, but there is a part of me that thinks we shouldn’t have to make our life lessons this difficult!

Great Start, Bad Finish vs. Emerald Ridge

We played great volleyball in game 1 against Emerald Ridge last night. It looked as though all the hard work we have put into practice was starting to pay off. We passed well, we served well, we hit well, we blocked well, we played defense well on our way to winning the first set by a score of 25-20. About the only thing we did not do well was to continue to play through the rest of the match. After game 1, we were a total different team – we looked confused, sometimes we looked like we were trying “too hard”, sometimes we looked like we gave up “too easy”, and sometimes we looked like we just didn’t know how to play! I wonder if we were satisfied with winning game 1 and forgot that a match is a best of 5. I will confess it was really hard to stomach watching our team dismantle ourselves that way. We lost the next 3 sets and it wasn’t even close. The final result was a 1-3 loss in our league opener to the Jaguars (25-20, 14-25, 8-25, 11-25). I am getting tired saying this, but the silver lining in all this is that we know that when we pass well and play good defense we are a good team! I am hoping we bounce back quickly from this very disheartening loss. Wednesday “hard” practice… Thursday Spanaway Lake!

Beamer finishes in Top 15 at Kent Classic!

The Kent Classic Invitational tournament has always featured top teams from Washington and Oregon over the years – some excellent high school programs represented (including state powerhouse MEAD from Spokane and nationally ranked Central Catholic from Oregon). In just our second year invited to this tournament Beamer has made some nice strides toward becoming a rising high school volleyball program. We surprised many by taking 1st in our morning pool over Eastside Catholic (2011’s WIAA 3A State Runner Up) and Garfield. We found ourselves among some of the highly-ranked high school programs in Washington. Although we didn’t win any more games in the afternoon pool or in the Bronze Division Bracket, we did walk away with the experience of being in the company of some very-good state-bound teams and an idea of what it would look like if we got there. We came into the tournament seeded #27 out of 35 teams and finished 13th! Which is a great finish for our relatively young and rising volleyball program. A positive step in the right direction at this highly competitive tournament!

Kent Classic Tournament Info!

Hey Parents. Here are some things you need to know about the tournament that we will be participating in Saturday (Sept. 22nd).

Location: This particular tournament is held at (3) different locations – Kentwood High School, Kentlake High School and Cedar Heights Middle School. We will start the tournament at Kentwood (25800 164th Ave SE, Covington). There is a chance that we will be having to switch playing sites between pools between 11am-12pm. Where we end up for the afternoon pool depends on how we do in the morning pool. Kentlake HS is located at 21401 SE 300th St. in Black Diamond. Cedar Heights MS is located at 19640 SE 272nd St. in Covington. All the gyms are located within about 10 minutes of each other.

Transportation: We will not have district provided bus transportation to/from this tournament. I have announced this to the players at practice this week. It is their responsibility to get to the tournament on time. They will also need to have transportation to the 2nd gym location if we need to move for the afternoon pool. Please coordinate this with your daughters. We will do a head count at practice today to make sure everyone has transportation. I do recommend that you arrange carpools with other families if you are able to.

Cost: There is a $5 charge (for everyone) at the door. The cost includes entry to all (3) gym locations, make sure you receive a stamp if you pay. It is good for the entire day.

Seating: There will be limited bleacher or chair seating on the courts. You may bring your own chairs or seating to setup in the designated areas of the gym, this is usually up against the walls at the ends of the courts.

Concessions: There will be concessions at Kentwood and Kentlake, but no concessions at Cedar Heights. Please send money with your child if they are interested in purchasing a concession item at the tournament.

Food: There will be designated areas for team tables. The area is limited and will be located in the Hallways of the at the gym sites. I will bring a small fold out table for our team and will bring a Gatorade 5-gallon cooler. But each player needs to bring their own food and water. We will be there all day Saturday, so please make sure your child has a healthy lunch item and lots of snacks throughout the day.

Schedule: The pools appear to be changing with a few teams dropping, but as of now we play at 8 AM. Players need to be at Kentwood by 7 AM to setup our team camp, get into gear, and warmup. Please make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast. We will play a back-to-back match at 9AM. Then referee at 10AM. We will switch gym sites if we need to at 11AM. The afternoon pool will start at 12PM. Bracket play is scheduled to start at 3:30 PM. The earliest we are expected to get out is 5:30 PM. However, we could potentially play up until 6:30PM, or end around 7PM.

Here is a link to the tournament’s website: http://kentclassic.blogspot.com/p/locations.html for more information regarding the tournament, including the teams in the field and our pool. This is our last tune-up before we start league play, so we will be working on lineups and a few different things to see how things work. Hope to see you at the tournament supporting your child and our program!

Pat Taitano
TBHS Volleyball Coach

Beamer falls at home to Kentridge 3-2.

We are 0-2 at home this season, not exactly what we had in mind. Our team certainly plays an exciting style of volleyball, but I would like that to come along with wins. We missed 21 serves, gave up 25 hitting errors usually a formula for an ugly loss, but somehow felt like we should have walked away with this one. It was very exciting match to watch, but we ended up losing 20-25, 25-23, 25-19, 18-25, 13-15. We had 55 kills, 13 aces, passed a 2.06 and had 62 digs as a team, which sounds great but in the end our errors did us in! We have one last tune up coming this weekend at the Kent Classic Invitational – then the “real” season begins!

Beamer takes 5th set win against Auburn!

It was a close and exciting game against Auburn. It was our first 5 set match of the season and I’m glad that we were able to pull off the win! We are still learning what it takes for us to be successful and are steadily improving. Auburn was happy to get their star outside hitter Brooke Good back after recovering from injury, they were playing with a lot of confidence with her heavy hitting in the lineup. Sophie Miller had a solid all around performance recording 24 assists, 5 kills, 5 aces and 5 stuff blocks. I’m pleased that our team was able to force game 5 after being down 2 games to 1. We came out strong in Game 5 and once we got the lead we were able to pull away and secure the victory. Nice job Lady Titans!

Titans Win InterDistrict Match against Jefferson!

The Beamer Varsity volleyball team over-powered the Jefferson Raiders in tonight’s matchup of Federal Way schools. The Titans explosive offense versus a scrappy Raider defense. In the end Beamer was able to pull out a 3 set victory 25-19, 25-15, 25-15 over Thomas Jefferson! The Titans passed a steady 2.2, amassed 38 kills and 15 aces against the Raiders. It was a solid team win for us. We can now look ahead to our next match Thursday against SPSL North Division opponent Auburn, featuring heavy hitting Brooke Good.

Rough Weekend at Bethel Tournament!

It was an up and down tournament for the Beamer Titans at the Bethel Friendship tournament on Saturday. When we passed well we looked like we were among the best teams in the tournament field, but when we didn’t we found ourselves looking very inexperienced and disarrayed. We finished the tournament with a 7-9 set record. We split sets with Bethel, Fife, Mt. Spokane, Wilson and Penninsula. We beat Heritage 2-0, and lost to Puyallup & University (0-2). Our best match of the day was against powerhouse Puyallup – the defending SPSL South Champion, where we passed serve well, hit well, and played our most inspired volleyball of the day! We learned that if we are able to adjust our attitude about passing and establish our will to compete – we are able to play with some of the best teams in our league. We fell just short losing both sets to Puyallup 22-25, 22-25. It was a tough tournament for us overall but we learned some valuable lessons about our team that will make us better!