Rogers sweeps Beamer!

rogersIt’s been hard to watch our team be so sporadic through the season!  We are up then down, hot then cold, we play well and then come out and play flat.  Our inconsistent play has really hurt us throughout the season, especially in our league matches.  Rogers was a good team and we played them evenly for the first set and the first part of the second, but we played poorly the rest of the match.  We started off the 2nd set up 6-2, but after the Rams tied it up 8-8, we fell apart, it almost seemed as if we just didn’t want to compete anymore!  We had some players that were trying to put it together but as a whole it seemed as though we just did not have the desire it took to make it a competitive match.  This was a frustrating loss!  We served 50 of 55 but managed only 3 aces, we collected 26 kills, our last 2 games we hit poorly generating only 15 kills with 12 hitting errors.

Definitely not a recipe for winning and not a match that I want to remember – On the bus ride home, I was already looking forward to our next opportunity to play!  Next up, the Bethel Braves!