Puyallup Vikings

…Loss to Vikings Stings!

Puyallup VikingsThe Beamer Titans fell 3-1 to the Puyallup Vikings yesterday, game scores were 21-25, 25-22, 25-27, 17-25.  It was a very well played contest between two evenly matched squads.  As a team, we collected 49 kills, 5 aces going 80 for 89 serving, 7 blocks, and 59 digs in a losing effort.

As a fan, I would never complain about our team’s ability to compete and our level of play when we take the court.  But, as a fan, I couldn’t help feeling a little frustrated about not being able to pull out the “win” in these situations.  I have a hard time believing we  0-4 in the SPSL South, it just seems like we are a much better team than that!

As a coach, I’m more frustrated and just puzzled about why our team plays well enough to be competitive, hard enough to see the finish line and know that “we can” win the match, and then just stop playing short of claiming the prize and pulling out a victory!

Against the Vikings, we came into the match with the right mental focus.  We played well in game 1 up until we got to 20 and then just stopped playing to win.  We won game 2 after starting off quick, got a big lead and just held on to at the end.   We played game 3 well and had our chances to win, but made some crucial repetitive mental errors down the stretch and lost 25-27.  We came out flat in game 4, missed our first two serves and spotted them 8 points to start the match, it was 1-9 by the time we decided to play and we lost that game 17-25.  We have lots to work on to keep improving but at the forefront is trying to teach ourselves to be tougher mentally!  Yes, no doubt, this loss to the Vikings stings!..