Kent Classic Tournament Info!

Hey Parents. Here are some things you need to know about the tournament that we will be participating in Saturday (Sept. 22nd).

Location: This particular tournament is held at (3) different locations – Kentwood High School, Kentlake High School and Cedar Heights Middle School. We will start the tournament at Kentwood (25800 164th Ave SE, Covington). There is a chance that we will be having to switch playing sites between pools between 11am-12pm. Where we end up for the afternoon pool depends on how we do in the morning pool. Kentlake HS is located at 21401 SE 300th St. in Black Diamond. Cedar Heights MS is located at 19640 SE 272nd St. in Covington. All the gyms are located within about 10 minutes of each other.

Transportation: We will not have district provided bus transportation to/from this tournament. I have announced this to the players at practice this week. It is their responsibility to get to the tournament on time. They will also need to have transportation to the 2nd gym location if we need to move for the afternoon pool. Please coordinate this with your daughters. We will do a head count at practice today to make sure everyone has transportation. I do recommend that you arrange carpools with other families if you are able to.

Cost: There is a $5 charge (for everyone) at the door. The cost includes entry to all (3) gym locations, make sure you receive a stamp if you pay. It is good for the entire day.

Seating: There will be limited bleacher or chair seating on the courts. You may bring your own chairs or seating to setup in the designated areas of the gym, this is usually up against the walls at the ends of the courts.

Concessions: There will be concessions at Kentwood and Kentlake, but no concessions at Cedar Heights. Please send money with your child if they are interested in purchasing a concession item at the tournament.

Food: There will be designated areas for team tables. The area is limited and will be located in the Hallways of the at the gym sites. I will bring a small fold out table for our team and will bring a Gatorade 5-gallon cooler. But each player needs to bring their own food and water. We will be there all day Saturday, so please make sure your child has a healthy lunch item and lots of snacks throughout the day.

Schedule: The pools appear to be changing with a few teams dropping, but as of now we play at 8 AM. Players need to be at Kentwood by 7 AM to setup our team camp, get into gear, and warmup. Please make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast. We will play a back-to-back match at 9AM. Then referee at 10AM. We will switch gym sites if we need to at 11AM. The afternoon pool will start at 12PM. Bracket play is scheduled to start at 3:30 PM. The earliest we are expected to get out is 5:30 PM. However, we could potentially play up until 6:30PM, or end around 7PM.

Here is a link to the tournament’s website: for more information regarding the tournament, including the teams in the field and our pool. This is our last tune-up before we start league play, so we will be working on lineups and a few different things to see how things work. Hope to see you at the tournament supporting your child and our program!

Pat Taitano
TBHS Volleyball Coach

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