Great Start, Bad Finish vs. Emerald Ridge

We played great volleyball in game 1 against Emerald Ridge last night. It looked as though all the hard work we have put into practice was starting to pay off. We passed well, we served well, we hit well, we blocked well, we played defense well on our way to winning the first set by a score of 25-20. About the only thing we did not do well was to continue to play through the rest of the match. After game 1, we were a total different team – we looked confused, sometimes we looked like we were trying “too hard”, sometimes we looked like we gave up “too easy”, and sometimes we looked like we just didn’t know how to play! I wonder if we were satisfied with winning game 1 and forgot that a match is a best of 5. I will confess it was really hard to stomach watching our team dismantle ourselves that way. We lost the next 3 sets and it wasn’t even close. The final result was a 1-3 loss in our league opener to the Jaguars (25-20, 14-25, 8-25, 11-25). I am getting tired saying this, but the silver lining in all this is that we know that when we pass well and play good defense we are a good team! I am hoping we bounce back quickly from this very disheartening loss. Wednesday “hard” practice… Thursday Spanaway Lake!

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