Tough Loss to GK!

Every time you step into the Graham Kapowsin gym you can almost guarantee that it will be pack filled with energy.  GK coach Loni Parks always finds a way to have her squad play loud – the louder they are the better they play!  The GK Eagles were pretty loud last night, sweeping the Titans 3-0 (26-24, 25-14, 25-21).  We struggled to get ahead of the eagles all match long – I don’t think we ever led at any point of the match.  When I breakdown our performance it’s easy to point to our serve-receive game and then realize that we just didn’t do a good job putting the ball where it needed to be with all aspects of the game – whether it was a pass, a set, a tip or hit.  We never really did get good flow to our offense – part of that was that GK just had an outstanding defensive performance against us.

We have to figure out why we play well enough to be competive but then don’t do the things required to pull out the win.  We have to figure out why we haven’t matched up well against all the teams in the SPSL south that are defensively minded and have great ball control.  We have to figure out why we keep falling short against the teams in our league even when I know that we are just as talented as many of the teams we face.  – I know that improving our ball control is obviously the first step!