Congratulations are in Order!

Congratulations to the following students for being selected to the 2012 Beamer Volleyball Team!

Chloe Mensching (12), Gwen Foisey (12), Kelsey Milholland (12), Sophie Miller (12), Tatiana Dixon (12), Aliya Ranis (11), Megan Huff (11), Zhaquea Martinez (11), Catherine Miller (10), Daiza Vann (10), Janet Vasega (10), Liesa Young (10), Miranda Mortensen (10), Titi Jenkins (10), Zella Hanson (10), Camryn Skari (9), Jordan Willingham (9), Leena McKinzie (9), McKenna Milholland (9), Nia Alexander (9), Selena Krivoruchko (10).

A big “Thank You” to everyone that tried out for the team, we were very pleased with the level of talent on the floor and the effort everybody made – you all did your part in helping make this year’s team better by trying out.  It was definitely a challenging selection process for the coaching staff!

Again, Congratulations to the 2012 Beamer Volleyball Team!  We are very excited about this year’s squad.

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