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SY 2011-12

Summer League Wrap Up!

Think about where our program was this same time last year and I can tell you there has already been a great step forward in our development to building a successful volleyball program at Beamer!  Personally, I don’t judge how the Fall Season will go based on summer league, but I’m excited and pleased with how we have competed and how our program has developed over the off-season.

We wrapped up the final day of summer league going undefeated 2-0.  We beat Auburn 2-1 (25-22, 22-25, 15-11) and then beat Kentwood 2-1 (14-25, 25-14,25-15).  We were able to compose ourselves at key moments in both matches and had some very nice performances by some of our incoming freshmen players.  (Great work Chloe, Gwen, Kelsey, Brianna, Titi, Britney, Camryn & MaKenna!)

Overall, Beamer wrapped up the 2012 summer league finishing with a 16-2 match record!  Which is great considering last year we probably finished with a 6-10 record.  We are doing a better job at competing and learning how to win the games that we should.  Congrats to everyone that participated in Summer League this year and looking forward to promising fall season!


Summer League Day 7

Last night we ended up going 2-1 in our match play, with a 2-1 victory over Kentwood (25-21, 25-13, 13-15) and 3-0 victory over Chief Sealth (25-9, 25-12, 15-7) but then gave up our first 0-3 loss of the summer to Tahoma (24-26, 14-25, 7-15).  Not too bad when you put it all into perspective, we had (3) incoming freshmen last night, two of them playing high school summer league for the 1st time.  One more night of summer league left!  Nice work, Kelsey, Gwen, Tabi, Chloe, Bri, Kat, MaKenna, Camryn and Leena.

Summer League Day 5 & 6

We returned to summer league this week with a bang.  We beat Auburn 2-1 (25-22, 18-25, 17-16), then split with Kentwood 1-1 (16-25, 27-25), then beat Chief Sealth 2-1 (25-7, 25-14, 12-15) on Monday.  Tonight we played with only 5 players and still went 3-0 against Tahoma (25-14, 25-15, 25-16), and 3-0 against Auburn (25-22, 25-17, 15-9). 

No Summer League or Open Gym next week! (July 2-July 6)

REMINDER! There will be no summer league on Mon/Wed this week or open gym practices on Tu/Th. We will resume our normal schedule the following week with the next summer league on Monday, July 9th and next open gym practice on Tuesday, July10th. Let’s all wish Megan Huff, Chloe Mensching and Sophie Miller the best of luck at Nationals! Coach Buck and myself will also be attending Nationals in Ohio next week! Have a great Fourth of July!

Summer League Day 4

We did well at summer league yesterday.  We beat Kentwood 3-0 (25-17, 25-11, 15-10) and then beat Evergreen 3-0 (25-9, 25-13, 25-8).  Way to go Aliya, Kelsey, Titi, Bri, Madison, Tabi, Gwen, Zhaquea, and Chloe! 

Summer League Day 3

We started out very flat tonight and it hurt us early, but we were able to find a way to turn things around and finished 1-1. We won our first match against Kentwood 2-1 (14-25, 25-22, 15-6) and then lost to Tahoma in a pretty competitive game 1-2 (22-25,25-22,15-17). We are steadily improving and there is lots to be please about.  (Gwen, Tabi, Aliya, Britnie, Brianna, Titi, Madison, Kelsey, and Chloe – nice job!)

Results of Summer League Day 1

June 18th – Not too bad for first summer league night. We started out very shaky, making lots of errors but were still able to pull out 3-0 victory against Evergreen HS (27-25, 25-22, 25-13). Then played well in the last match of night pulling out a 2-1 win over Tahoma (25-20, 20-25, 26-24). Nice work Tatiana, Tabitha, Brianna, Kelsey, Megan, Aliya, Katherine, and Titi!

Summer League at Kentwood HS Tonight (6/18)!

Hey All. Just the reminder that Summer League starts today. For the next 2 weeks, every Monday & Wednesday we will have Summer League games at kentwood High School. Please be at Kentwood by around 5:30pm on league days, game time is 6pm, 7pm & 8pm every night. All returning Varsity and JV players from last season are welcome and several incoming freshman will be ask to participate in the summer league matches. Our match dates are 6/18, 6/20, 6/25 & 6/27 for June.

Beamer Players Headed to Nationals in Columbus, Ohio!

Congrats to Megan Huff, Sophie Miller and Chloe Mensching! Pretty excited that we have three returning Varsity players that are going to the 2012 Girls Junior National Championships for volleyball in Columbus, Ohio! Megan and Chloe play for Puget Sound Volleyball Academy’s 16 National and 17 National teams that earned a bid this past weekend. Sophie plays for KJ Volleyball Club on the 17 Baden team. Great job ladies!