Month: August 2013


Tryouts can be a little nerve-racking from both a coaching and player perspective.  Big “Thank You” to all the students that participated.  As a coach, I couldn’t wait until tryouts got here and now I’m just glad it’s over and our teams have been selected.  We have been impressed by the athleticism we have in the gym at the Varsity level and equally so by the potential talent we have with players that were selected at the JV level.  There are many players we feel will be very good volleyball players in a year or two down the road.  We are excited to get to work with our teams and hope to see team chemistry take its course and are looking forward to some exciting times for Beamer volleyball!

Strength & Conditioning Workouts at Beamer Next Week!

Beamer is holding strength and agility workouts next week Monday (8/19), Tuesday (8/20) and Thursday (8/22) from 9am-10:30am starting in the weight room and then out on the track. Coach Shelby (Girls Basketball) will be running the workouts program. Everyone needs to bring a waterbottle and shoes that you don’t mind using outside or getting dirty. 10-15 min of warmups & stretching, 30 min in the weight room, 45 min doing speed, footwork, and plyos. Get ready for tryouts now! Any questions give Coach Pat at call at (206) 730-3348.